Animark: Manufacturing high-tech livestock breeding equipment for over 40 years.

Manufacturing high-tech livestock breeding equipment for over 40 years.


Automatic Breeding Monitor takes the guesswork out of breeding

Advanced technology makes it simple to achieve more efficient breeding of horses, cattle, or other stock animals. You don't need to be a veterinarian or experienced breeder to use the AcuBreed.

Determine exactly when your animal will be most fertile:

  • Up to five days advance notice of ovulation
  • 98% accurate at predicting ovulation
  • An increase in breeding productivity
  • Reduced wear on your bull or stallion
  • Saves on valuable semen when using AI

Acubreed, the advanced livestock ovulation detector from Animark

The AcuBreed measures a female stock animal's hormones that change with ovulation and automatically interprets those readings to identify her most fertile time. It provides a definitive 1-4 days advance notice of ovulation and then pinpoints the best time to breed.

Take a daily reading with the Acubreed, then press "YES" to "calculate fertility". The handheld monitor tells you whether the animal is "not ready to breed," ready to "breed in 1-3 days," or ready to "breed now". Once the animal has ovulated, AcuBreed will detect the increased progesterone, indicating that she is no longer fertile for that cycle so additional breeding is not necessary. This allows the breeder to minimize covers and maximize AI.

Calendar view in Breed-Trak software

Calendar view for one animal in BreedTrak software for PC

The AcuBreed will track readings for up to ten animals at a time in its onboard memory. Included with the AcuBreed is BreedTrak®, a Windows-PC based computer software program that allows the breeder to track the fertility of any number of animals at once.

Main screen in BreedTrak software

Graph view in BreedTrak

Daily readings are taken and recorded by the AcuBreed. These readings can then be downloaded to BreedTrak, Wwhich automatically display, graph, print, and (most importantly) calculate the current fertility status of each animal. Breeding status for all your animals is displayed on a calendar, with increased fertility indicated by increasingly darker shades of blue. tore data in the unit for ten animals at a time or download into the included BreedTrak software (Windows PC) to store and view data on any number of animals at once.

Download the Acubreed Owner's Manual