Animark: Manufacturing high-tech livestock breeding equipment for over 40 years.

Manufacturing high-tech livestock breeding equipment for over 40 years.


External Ultrasound Pregnancy Detector for Small Stock Animals

Miniature Mares, Llamas, Alpacas, Swine, Sheep and Goats

Because palpation is not usually a practical option for preg-checking smaller animals, an ultrasound (the Pregtest) is the best option available for the determination of pregnancy. The Pregtest is a fully external, A-scope ultrasound machine used for the detection of pregnancy in smaller animals. The Pregscan will let you know quickly what animals are bred or open, allowing you to increase herd efficiency, decrease costs, and improve your profitability.

Demonstrating proper sensor placement with the Pregtest external ultrasound pregnancy detector

The ultrasound instrument displays the exact location of density changes or tissue interfaces in your animal. When properly aimed at the uterus, the display will show a pattern or spike indicating pregnancy and no spike if the animal is open. Safer and easier then palpation and more convenient and less expensive than a vet, the Pregtest is easy to use and highly accurate for preg-checking livestock.

Ultrasound spikes indicating pregnancy

This unit will allow you to check pregnancy from 14 days after breeding throughout gestation. With sophisticated electronics and digital output, the Pregtest is 98% accurate at detecting pregnancy.

Download the Pregtest Owner's Manual.